Al-Manzal is providing state of the art services to its global clientele regarding property buying, selling, leasehold, free leasehold, letting, property management, facilities to the clients. We secure numerous selling contract in Gulf, UK & Europe, USA, Canada, Turkey, and Pakistan.

Yes, AL Manzal has its offices around the world; in the UAE, the Al Manzal property adviser possesses its registered building office in Business Bay Dubai, UAE.

Yes, AL Manzal Offers short term, long term real estate investments in worldwide real estate projects. In our domain Turkey, UAE, UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Pakistan, etc. Al Manzal is providing golden opportunities to its international clientage and induce them to invest in UAE Real Estate. Due to UAE’s advanced infrastructure and opportunities to invest in innovative business ideas.

Al Manzal has vast range of commercial and residential properties for Buying, Selling, Leasing, Property Managemen t, Real Estate Consultancy, Real Estate Appraisal Services, Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Construction & Developments, Real Estate Maintenance Services and Rentals. We welcome investors from all over the world. Al Manzal has the largest branches network and extend its exemplary cooperation to its worldwide clientage especially in Dubai, UAE. We assist and provide you the best services in Real Estate Sector.

Yes, the AlManzal is the Subsidiary of the real estate companies group having expertise in the real estate business in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Turkey, Pakistan, and UAE. We also offer real estate investment services in our own communities located in Gwadar Pakistan.

The legal validity of property on a freehold basis refers to the legally registered property as per the owner’s name. Moreover, the Title Deed must be registered in the Dubai Land Department. The legal owner reserves the right to sell, lease or rent his/her land, plot, property, or apartment at his/her discretion. This is dedicatedly meant to international buyers.

According to the laws of the UAE, the freehold properties are entitled to the areas for expatriates (international accommodators in Dubai). Dubai laws give the facility to buy the properties to such nationals in a specific range of areas in Dubai under typical tenure to stay.

The non- freehold property means the property is limited to only UAE Nationals and GCC residents. Nationals of any other country cannot buy these properties.

The UAE Laws also render you bound to stay under a specific time in the UAE. A maximum 2 years (extendable, renewable) visa is issued for those having Freehold Property. Nonetheless, the properties must be above AED 1,000,000 for a 2-year residency visa.

For international buyers, a Valid Passport proof without any criminal or conflicting court underway case involvement is required.

One of the most important initial steps to ensure is that the property project has legally been registered with RERA and that the concerned developer has got the valid registration documents and escrow funds registration from the concerned authorities. While purchasing the property directly from a land or property developer who has not constructed – an “off–plan” purchase, the expatriates will need to submit a complete reservation form along with a copy of their valid passport. The reservation form generally and in detail abridges the basic terms and conditions of the relevant sales agreement, the information about the payment plan with the collective settlement, and general MoU (Memorandum of Understandings) between the buyer and the seller also the personal details of both parties.

If the property has yet to be met for legal validity from a developer, be sure that the purchase agreement should clearly mention the date of completion and the compensation escrowed if the property completion or possession is not handed over by that time period. Furthermore, if the property is to be renovated, ensure the details of the renovation package are attached with the expenses and inclusions of the items in the agreement. To meet the process of buying property in Dubai becomes possible, you must transfer the deemed and deed money. This is accomplished at the developer’s office if the property has yet to be done or at the Land Department offices in Deira Dubai if the property is already registered.

The Title Deed is a mortgage settlement document between the owner and buyer or seller or buyer or developer and owner. It is issued with two originals, one is kept with the Bank until the mortgage has been settled, and the second one is originally held in the land department. A copy is retained with the Buyer. When the said mortgage is paid in full, a validating letter of release and an NOC (No Objection Certificate) is issued by the Bank, and the original is handed over to the buyer.

An NOC (no objection certificate) is a legal document that concerned authorities and owner issues with a testimonial that they have no objection with the sale/purchase process between the said parties. It must be obtained from the concerned developer in order to underway the Title Deed in the land department. The NOC further elaborates that the developer has no objection on that the property being transferred or obtained, and if there are any liabilities against the apartment or property, the developer will address them accordingly.

The official cost for registration of Title Deed should be divided equally between the buyer and the seller. However, nowadays, a general practice custom of dealing is that the buyer usually pays it. Somehow, the Standard fees, which are 2% and are reimbursed by both parties (buying and selling parties), yet a subject to negotiation between the buyer and seller.

Yes, the Al Manzal Real Estate UAE offers freehold properties around the DUBAI. Al Manzal has vast fields and opportunities for all over the United Arab Emirates.

According to the laws of the Emirates, every local and international buyer can buy freehold properties in the UAE. A. The Al-Manzal Group of Properties is a subsidiary of the Al Manzal and the real estate wing of the same Holding, the global investment conglomerate in the UAE. Through us, you can buy properties and holdings in Dubai and any other Emirate of the UAE.

Yes, any person having a nationality of any country having diplomatic relations with the UAE, whether he/she is a resident of Dubai or based abroad, can buy and own property in Dubai’s freehold market according to the UAE constitution. Moreover, it is not required to hold any sort of permanent residence or similar permit in order to own property in the UAE.

The legal process of purchasing a property needs four basic legal procedures to be followed in the UAE.

You must be having a valid passport

A registered developer, property agent or company to go ahead with the property sale or purchase.

Proof of Investment and other documents necessary for buying freehold property in Dubai.

You must be having an NOC of selling or purchasing property in the UAE.

A mortgage or Deed Title to submit in the bank, in case of mortgage property.

An international buyer and resident of non-GCC countries must require a 2-year valid visa for staying in the UAE with freehold property. The Visa is issued for maximum 2 years tenure, however it is extendable.

RERA stands for the Real Estate Regulatory Authority which is subsidiary legal part of the Dubai Land Department. It is a governed by the agency which issues licenses to the real estate agents, brokers, and land developers around the UAE. It also regulates all real estate activities and procedures in Dubai keeping in view the legal validity of the case.

Al Manzal is a subsidiary company of Paradise Group Of Companies UAE Chapter.

Are All Real Estate Agents, Sales Representatives and Property Consultants Required To Have Credentials And Be Registered By the RERA?

Yes. Every licensed and registered property advisor or agent working under as land developer and brokerage firm or as a developer in Dubai requires to be registered with the RERA authorities as per the legal requirements and credentials. The RERA issues a valid photo identity card along with a license number to the broker or property developer or real estate agency to work as the legal body. To gain a valid license by the RERA, the property agents have to undergo the courses and classes to pass the RERA real estate course and examinations. They will also be issued with an annual renewable RERA card which is valid for one year. Every agent or property firm must be registered under the umbrella of as the real estate agency.

Al-Manzil is the subsidiary company of Paradise Group Of Companies which is providing state of art Real Estate services worldwide. Company having multi-subsidiary investment channels in the real estate businesses. It has many observatory business platforms to promote property and sale purchases of commercial and residential lands in the UAE, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Turkey, and Pakistan.

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