Real estate investment in Istanbul 2021


Real estate investment in Istanbul is a great step towards a better future. Get to know the details.

Real estate investment in Istanbul guarantees you are achieving excellent profits due to the geographical location of Istanbul, real estate with distinct and wonderful designs, and the guarantees guaranteed by the Turkish government for real estate investment in Turkey, in addition to the competitive prices of real estate in it, which led to Istanbul occupying the forefront in real estate investment in Turkey, in this article, we will cover all the information related to real estate investment in Turkey.

Real estate investment in Istanbul

What do you think about real estate investment in Turkey? If your answer is yes, you can guarantee access to excellent investment opportunities that guarantee you the profit that you seek in Turkey, in light of the large local market in Turkey that gives you good opportunities for real estate investment, in addition to the work environment that encourages trade and makes real estate investment easier, this Besides the facilities granted by the government in Turkey to investors, do not think twice before investing in real estate in Turkey.

Capital Gain on real estate investment in Turkey 

The capital gain on real estate investment in Turkey is one of the advantages that motivate investors to invest in real estate in Turkey, this return is achieved from various investment projects related to real estate investment in Turkey, whether they are residential projects or commercial projects, and real estate in Turkey provides a large and huge return for investors. Over many years, and the period may reach 20 years.

The return on real estate investment in Turkey is calculated in a special way that differs from other investments due to keeping the value of the invested capital in the property without change. When investing in a 6% guaranteed property for five years, the investor will get 30% of the property’s value, and in the case of investing in A location where real estate prices are likely to rise, in which the investor obtains an investment return ranging from 70% to 100% of the original investment value.

The future of investment in Turkey 

Turkey has managed to occupy a distinct and strong position in the global investment market, especially in real estate investment, which pushes many investors to go to the field of investment in real estate. It is expected that real estate investment in Turkey will flourish in the future due to several things, the most important of which are the following :

1. The great interest that the government gives in Turkey to the real estate sector as part of its constant endeavor to attract foreign investors through the facilities and advantages it grants to investors in the real estate

2. Turkey’s distinguished location between Europe and Asia, and the diversity of culture in it that combines Eastern culture with Western culture in the same Time

3. The efforts made by the Turkish government in developing and improving the infrastructure and paving the way for foreign and internal investments through the adoption of many development projects in Turkish cities

4. The increasing population growth rate in Turkey, especially in large cities such as Istanbul, where it exceeds The growth rate is 8.07%, which makes investing in real estate in Turkey a profitable decision

5. The decline of the currency in Turkey leads to a decrease in the costs of investment business in general and in real estate in particular, compared to European countries and Arab countries.

Investing in Turkey 2021

How do you achieve the profit that you aspire to from real estate investment in Turkey? It is the most important question for every person who wants to start investing in real estate. To answer this question, you must know the types of real estate that you can invest in Turkey, including:

• Buying commercial stores in a distinct and vital place near transportation and renting them to others at reasonable prices, and making a profit

. Apartments in vital areas in Turkey are sold or rented to others, thanks to the continuous rise in real estate prices in Turkey.

• Buying lands to use in construction or agriculture

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