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2020 is the year of 5G commerce. Major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Xiang, Hebei have entered the first batch of 5G major cities. The Ministry of Industrial Production and Information Management said that by the end of 2020, 5G internet coverage would be completed in all the above major cities. In 2021, China Mobile’s overall goal is to complete excellent 5G coverage in cities, counties, towns, and some key cities across the country.


In the 5G era, the mixed reality multi-rope, which combines data and physics globally, will become a new and upgraded interactive form of information content. This will lead to the offline promotion of physical online business services. What changes can I make?

Commercial real estate service provider Rui Yaid believes that with 3D visual effects and artificial intelligence technology, the popularity phase is gaining momentum on a large scale, with the offline promotion of commercial services with intelligent technology. Together, real and virtual new upgrades should be introduced. Comprehensive method. Japanese animation, development, mobile games, and other superficial content and early organizational scenarios, timely and intelligent social network marketing, and promotion create the ability of interactive work, get rid of the fortress between online and physical online methods, And show. The seamless connection between online and offline allows the shopping experience, the data to consider the needs of the locals, and the release of mixed reality in a short story scenario.

As early as 2019, Simon, a British commercial real estate company, announced the implementation of Group 200 floor-to-ceiling mobile games “Harry Potter: The Wizarding League” and “Fortnight” on mixed reality and mobile games. I tried to rely on. A shopping mall for retailers has been set up as a hotel and bunker, which transforms it into a core area of ​​the mobile games management center, generating a large number of prizes and unique opponents and a large number. Offers a level of work experience. And the spell kinetic energy for sports players. Such a store also integrates many shopping and restaurant choices, and “Harry Potter: The Wizarding League” becomes one of the unique places to play, making Simon. Helps to fill the falling total traffic of the department store. In my country, 5G is already deployed in shopping malls.

As a new commercial services project under the Wharf Group, Changsha IFS has a construction area of ​​about 500,000 square meters. “IGO system software for mixed reality navigation bar has been installed in the room to complete XNUMXG Internet.

AR information. Technology Business Service Shopping”. Changsha IFS said users could experience IGO system software without downloading the app for free and analyzing the surrounding environment based on mobile phone lenses to identify parts in major shopping malls. You can go to your official VChat account for Arrow marks, and location symbols and merchant information are detailed. The content of introductory and marketing information is conceived and displayed on the mobile phone screen according to the specific impressions of the dynamic effects of interactive communication.

In addition, the new project’s CRM system software connection between IoG system software, based on real-time data collection, analyzes various data information such as users’ behavior, Network hotspots, consumption preferences, and consumption. Therefore, in addition to the navigation function, users can also track new product information and special offers of their beloved and well-known brands on their mobile phones in real-time.

In addition, the IGO system software incorporates fun interactive treasure hunting interactive games into the navigation bar, display, and other basic functions, making users feel like they are in the world of online games, according to the virtual goods in possession of Changsha IFS. Shooting can get themes on style gifts or merchant gift cards and create surprises when buying things. Xu Haelong, CEO of Choon Hao Hi-Tech Technology, who demonstrated service support for IGO Systems Software, said that the main advantages of 5G are three points: a distributed system, less court time. And high reliability. “With the help of cloud computing technology, these three points will undoubtedly be better in terms of interaction. Like 4G and 3G, no one will use it unless the feeling is resolved,” said Xu Helong.

According to Wang Ya, manager of Red’s Northwest Region, in the next two years, when 5G will complete large-scale trade, the construction of Internet of Things technology for business services will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the intelligence level of shopping malls. Will become.


It is believed that with the advent of the 5G era, social development will show changes in the following development trends: cultural education, sports recreation, sports recreation, and cultural education. Has been popularized on, the social aging status will not be the problem scale standard commodity period is coming to an end the independent innovation of the operating model is more critical skilled qualification changed flood disaster forecast Analysis and prevention became possible; Government departments became major buyers of network services. The technology is found on the Internet.
Therefore, in the 5G era, the three elements for the success of commercial services include business insights, technical completeness, and statistical analysis of statistics. Commercial real estate has long been a new model.

Wang Ya said 5G is the incubation period for corporate strategic transformation.

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