State property tax, environmental taxes, and wealth tax, however, are relatively low, and your attorney will explain it to you.

We’ll help you secure your property.

Yeah. The major period is from April to October, but you will be able to rent it during the winter months at lower rates. At the height of the summer, you can expect more returns.

You will find that most goods are 50% cheaper than UK / Ireland.

We provide a personal viewing tour that we arrange for each client who wishes to travel to see potential properties. Each viewing trip will be unique and designed to suit the requirements of our customers. The key is the service – we will talk to you before making your trip, find out exactly the type and location of the property you are considering and tailor your trip accordingly. We will be happy to provide full details upon request.

Yes, according to UAE law, all citizens of the countries of Asia, Europe, and the USA, in addition to citizens of North African countries, are entitled to buy a property on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, and then the property is registered in the name of the buyer in the Land and Land Registry Department) in the city in which the purchase is made.


The purchase process begins with organizing a business visit for the buyer to UAE to see the project and sign the purchase contract with the company, and a period of two days is sufficient to complete this initial step, as for registering the property in the name of the buyer, it takes between 45 to 60 days, so it is necessary to come to UAE twice once to sign the purchase contract. And again to receive the title deed of the property that has been purchased.

Yes, it is possible to buy without coming to UAE.

Certainly, yes, it is possible to obtain a personal agency that can be requested from the United Arab Emirates embassy in the country in which they reside outside UAE.

On this site, you will find our housing projects that give an opportunity to buy in installments, without any bank guarantees. You can also obtain a real estate loan from a UAE bank, and this requires the presentation of the following documents: a copy of a personal bank account book from a bank in which the buyer resides outside UAE, a copy of the passport, a pension sheet and information about the company in which the buyer works In his country of residence.

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