UAE Citizenship by Investment

UAE to Get Not Only ROI But Also UAE Citizenship by Investment

The UAE is one of the best business heavens in the world. Not only in terms of business but also peacefulness is the prime factor to consider for investors. Real Estate has colossal potential in the United Arab Emirates. Like Al Manzal Real Estate agency, some good companies are facilitating customers and international investors to invest in this sector. Suppose you are planning to start a company or invest collaboratively in a free zone established in the United Arab Emirates and plan to get a residence permit. In that case, you can apply for the Business Residence Visa with Citizenship by Investment under this scheme.

Under the new scheme for international investors, an investor can either set up a trading company or invest in the Real Estate Company. Al Manzal Group of Real Estate companies offers an un missable opportunity to buy shares of an existing project. However, you must be owning the stakes with a minimum worth of AED50,000 that has to be fully paid in once through a legal bank scheme.

An amazing benefit of this scheme is that the company you own does not have to carry out a real commercial activity in any emirate of the UAE.

There are more than 40 free commercial zones where you can start your entrepreneurship and your company. Free zone companies are exempt from usual taxes, but what they are usually subject to do is carry out business activities within the said free zone or internationally. Somehow, Real Estate is the only sector that needs you not to be present in the territory. You can explore a lot of new and exciting and potential opportunities with us including Citizenship by Investment, the Al Manzal Real Estate Company.

What Factors Can You Obtain UAE Nationality With?

Very First time in the Odysseus history of the UAE after its establishment, the government of the United Arab Emirates has introduced new categories for foreigners to obtain citizenship of the UAE. Nationals of countries will now be eligible to apply for citizenship. The new citizenship program is a follow-up that of Canada. This program will entertain investors, researchers, scientists, skilled work professionals, and members of creative occupations. Medical professionals and engineers are also eligible to apply for the UAE investment visa citizenship program to get the citizenship of the business hub in the world.

Who Can Avail of New UAE Citizenship Program?
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Doctors and Medical Professionals
  • Scientists
  • Investors
  • Inventors
  • Media Representative and Creative Professionals
  • Business Tycoons
What is the Most Potential Factor of Dubai UAE citizenship by investment?

Although the UAE is full of business and investment opportunities for the investor and entrepreneurs, the topmost factor with gigantic potential is the REAL ESTATE business in the UAE. With each passing day, UAE is getting to become a dream destination for investors. There is a vast land, and properties are barren that is yet to be developed. An unending desert has a great potential to erect skyscrapers in the heart of this Arabian Gulf. Even the stakeholders who once invested in the property business have no looking back since then. The focal reason is the easy and investor-friendly policies of the Emirates.

Best Way to Invest in the UAE Real Estate For Investment Visa

The UAE offers investment visa extensive plans and projects for the UAE real estate sector. This is one of the foremost factors to acquire an assured ROI along with the safe trust of investment. Aside from the potential in this sector, the beauty of this investment sector is also that you do not need to stay in the UAE for months and years. You can roam around the world dealing with your other business while your investment will be growing with the passage of time. It also suits those investors who want to invest in the sector as a part-time side investment.

The best way to go ahead with the real estate investment is to incorporate a registered and trusted real estate company in the UAE. When it comes to the trusted and reliable Real Estate agency Al-Manazil is a group of real estate project developers, we invest and buy properties along with the partnership of our international buyers and stakeholder that overshadows much other property dealing companies in the UAE. They give an equal opportunity to all of their valued shareholders and customers have built a relationship of mutual trust and collaboration. They have been assisting a great number of entrepreneurs and investors from all across the world to invest and grow in the UAE.

Why Invest with Al-Manzal Real Estate to Obtain UAE Investment Visa?

When you are on looking for a reliable company to market or invest in the property sector, “guarantee and Trust” are the words you will get into your brainstorming often, but very few real estate companies are there in the UAE that actually keeps or maintain their commitment to with their clients. Undoubtedly, primitives are a lot various at Potential Real Estate in the UAE. UAE has a throng of international investors and companies with fake identities and so-called trusted property professionals. You may sink your investment—God Forbid. Therefore, you need to consider a reliable real estate company in the UAE.

When you choose Al-Manzal Group of Real Estate to help invest your income home, you will get our Investor Services Guarantee. Yes, we pronounce “Guarantee and Trust” We vow to carry out a long list of real estate services to put your hard-earned money in the projects that could give you the best of the ROI. You can also invest in the residential or commercial sector. We keep our word of mouth. Guaranteed.

Ideal For Investors to Get UAE Passport – Dubai permanent residency by investment

Real Estate Investors need some trusted instruments to sign a property deal in the UAE. AlManzal is openly available to our Realtors investors from across the globe and ultimately to our customers for Dubai UAE permanent residency by investment, whether seller, buyer, or general investor. We have national and local collaborations and deals and great experience in the advertising and marketing of property projects. It also helps bring both buyers and sellers from the world together for mutual or independent investment in the UAE.

Apart from advertising, we also own open houses and an online discussion platform to provide property services and information to get the citizenship of the UAE as our additional exposure for the property and real estate factor. There are many other marketing factors that we can use to market the big property projects in the UAE. On ground facts, we have long series of success as our real-time real estate success stories. You can call or e-mail or leave your message on our WhatsApp to one of our property advisors and consultant to get a UAE passport in lieu of investment.

How Much Investment Required To Get UAE Residency Permit?

According to the international standards and laws, the terms and conditions of the residency permit program in the UAE are according to the international standards and laws. One of the conditions may be some cases is vague. For example, investors needn’t specify the minimum amount of money for real Estate that an investor must be possessed in the UAE. A benchmark can be a focal and general requirement for foreign investors to get a long-term residency visa with nationality and passport of the UAE. The agreement also empowers the investors to have the right to live and work in the country.

To obtain a visa of the UAE for 5 years, an international investor must buy a property worth minimum 5 million dirhams that are equivalent to about USD 1.36 million.

Once you have obtained the UAE visa as an investor, you will also be authorized to sponsor your relatives or siblings, who can also apply for a 3-year visa of stay. The access is also renewable. You must prove family relations and have to offer a salary of at least AED4,000 (USD 1,090) per month to the employee. An investor may not be eligible to apply for a visa for his children if the formal application is not submitted together with his spouse unless the latter spouse is deceased.

What are the General Requirements to Apply For Investment Visa UAE Nationality Program?

An applicant applying as an investor in the real Estate or general sector needs to meet the standard criteria of the UAE new nationality program. Al-Manzal Group also helps the investors with real estate projects to prepare their documents to fulfill the general requirements for the UAE investors’ nationality program.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Free Zone Business in the UAE.
  • A Valid Health insurance card or proof of insurance subscription in the form of an insurance certificate if you have no insurance card.
  • Medical Diagnostic.
  • Valid Establishment Card.
  • A clear photocopy of the UAE e-gate Card or “The Stamp.”
  • Real Estate Company Incorporation Documents And a valid
  • Business License from you
  • The original form of the “Inspection Form” is issued by the Department of Economic Development of the UAE.
  • Memorandum of Investment Deal With the Registered Real Estate Company in the UAE.
  • Trade License of the Real Estate Company.
  • Establishment Card of the Real Estate Company
  • A card is confirming the registration of the Property Firm with the Immigration Department.

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